The paleo challenge – Pete Evans interview

Last night on the Sunday programme, Pete Evans discussed the paleo diet. Pete Evans has become the face of the paleo diet and on his way to promoting healthy, nutrient dense eating has had his fair share of controversy. Earlier in the year he was heavily criticised for his book Bubba Yum Yum, some news outlets […]

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Healing Foods – Part 1

Water Kefir I often suggest people incorporate fermented foods, probiotic drinks and bone broths into their diet regularly as a way to improve gut health. Each have their own unique beneficial affect not only gut integrity  and bacteria, but also affect stomach acid balance, blood pressure regulation and promote a shift into parasympathetic mode which […]

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Breakfast smoothie: No better way to start the day with than with a high protein, nutrient dense smoothie. Below is my current favorite. It contains protein from the protein powder and LSA+P mix, fats (and all the fat soluble nutrients these contain) from the avocado and LSA+ P mix, antioxidants, vitamins and fiber in the […]

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